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This club is closed. (still quoting song lyrics. Some things never change)

Posted on 06.01.2010 at 10:03
Warning:: nostalgicnostalgic
Hey team.
I'm closing this livejournal.
This probably should have been done a while ago. But recent events brought it to my attention again, and I decided I need to shut it down.
I work in the school's library scanning a bunch of stuff for their online database. This monotonous job usually requires me to be listening to Pandora or watching something on Hulu to pass the time between (and during) real work. Recently I came into work without my headphones, and lacking anything else better to do, decided to spend my downtime (i.e. when I set 200 pages into the sheet-feeding scanner) reading my entire Live Journal.
That was interesting. I've changed a lot. It was awkward to read my 14 year old self. I felt more comfortable with the 16, 17 year old me, and the last few posts felt very familiar. This sounds stupid to say, but thanks to all my friends. I really enjoyed reading all the comments from you guys. Thanks for being good friends. I love you.
But that part of my life is done. I'm not deleting this journal, just closing it. No more random twice-yearly posts from me. That's reason 2 for shutting it down- I never update anyway.

Speaking of not-updating, I was thinking about how I never journal in real life either. My last entry from my physical journal is from July of 2008. Ouch. So I'll probably begin journaling again, just not online. Or maybe I will. Who knows.

Anyway, thanks again, team. You're good people.


This is awkward

Posted on 29.07.2009 at 22:15
Warning:: Ridiculous
I've been required to keep a blog for a Family Communication class I've been taking. It wraps up next week, and there's only 6 entries, but if you're interested in learning weird things about my family life you're welcome to check it out. I didn't use this one because I didn't want my teacher/classmates snooping through this one (ha, as if they had the time or desire) libertystump.blogspot.com

Anyway, as regular update
Brandon and I moved into an apartment two months ago.
Tiny 1 bedroom. But it's all handicap accessible, which is pretty awesome for us (yay wide doorways we don't have to worry about scratching up with Brandon's chair!). Brandon's aunt is giving us a piano. Sweet! I hope I use it. I know I don't have the money to keep it in tune, so we'll see how it goes.

With financial aid working out how it did this year, I might get a car. My poor old craptastic Buick had trouble starting for a few weeks, luckily that seems to have stopped, though I have no idea why. I'm gonna run that poor thing into the ground.

I'm halfway through my degree. Church life is intense. In the Mormon religion, you are asked to fulfill 'callings' (i.e., sunday school teacher, ward choir director, bishop, nursery leader, whatever) they're not paid, and you're expected to never turn down (or seek) a calling. I'm intimidated by mine. We'll see how it goes.

Life is good. Brandon and I remain, as always, ridiculously happy. Especially now that we're out of the parent's basement. YAY!

Sidenote to Brian: Hi! Sorry I never write back to you on facebook or myspace or whatever. I'm a flake (ask Cat!) Happy late birthday! :] You're a good guy.

Anyway. Yeah. That's me for now. :] See you guys in another couple months!
Oh! Well, totally unrelated - I was thinking of joining a craft swap based on 100 facts about yourself. I got through writing most of the list, but chickened out of the swap because I didn't have the time. Anyway, if I think of it, I might post the list sometime. Remind me!


Liberty Liberty Liberty!

Posted on 10.03.2009 at 13:07
Listening To:: Pandora.com - my love.
Hey there.
I used to be a padiddle. But it was kind of a fake padiddle... I had two headlights on if you kicked one of them, but then it would go out again if you went over a big bump or something. But now they're both out. BUT, both bulbs are still good. So what does that mean? A wiring issue? Nooo, it means I'm too poor to go to a mechanic and find out, so instead I'm driving around town like a butthole with my brights on at night. :[ sigh. Whatever. I pretty much freaked out when it happened. I'm easily stressed. (Well, also easily emotional when I'm PMSing).

(^^that was from last week)

Hi, it's Spring Break. Yay! I'm still working every day but Friday so it's not much of a break besides getting to sleep in. Next weekend Brandon and I are going to Minneapolis. He has his power soccer regional tournament there. Instead of staying in a hotel, we're staying with this couple I found on CouchSurfing.com It's way cool: people loan out their couches or spare bedrooms to travelers. We used it during our Honeymoon too. You should check it out. If you're not paranoid about scary people or being kidnapped or something like that. I like to think of it as an exercise in trust in humanity. A project to rebuild faith in the goodness of people. Or it's just a sweet money-saving, community of friends. Either way, I like it.

I started making a quilt. It's only about a square yard big, but I like it. I hardly use my sewing machine anymore, so I was glad to put it to some good use. I've only finished the cover- still need to add the batting and the back of it, but for now it's hanging on my wall. Because who knows how long it will be until I get the motivation to finish it again.

In this particular computer cubby I'm in at the school library, the clock face on the column in front of me looks like a person looming nearby out of the corner of my eye. Fun times. I need to think harder. I don't understand how I can be so intelligent but such an airhead at the same time. For instance, due to my occasional dyslexia, I've discovered that shower is an anagram for whores. Sweet!

I want so badly to move into a house. The market in Fort Wayne is so sweet hot right now for buyers. But we don't have the income to do it. :\ Not to mention I have no idea what our credit looks like. So I'm constantly looking at houses and checking out the for sale signs, with the painful knowledge that it's just NOT POSSIBLE! But I ache to move into a house. Sigh. I don't know how to get over it. But many of my friends my age have moved or are moving into a house, including my brother in law- they're building a house of their own! Through some community program. I thought they were pretty poor? Guess I was wrong... or maybe I just don't have the resources to know how to 'work the system' and know about all these government programs they have out there.

Anyway, I think that's enough for now.
Hope you're happy.

The library alarms just went off for an evacuation.
Good bye.



Posted on 24.02.2009 at 08:56
Hey. I was going to write a post, but instead i caught up on my friends page. I'm sad they limited how far you can go back in the history, though. Sigh.
Anyway, I'm busy almost non-stop today, so it'll be a while before I have another 15 minutes I could have spent writing.

I'll be BACK!
Ahnold voice)



Posted on 28.01.2009 at 09:33
It's very snowy outside. I don't like snow very well. I like looking at it when it's first fallen and the trees and branches are 'crowned with snow', and being outside for a few minutes while it's snowing, to feel romantic and silly while the snowflakes fall in my hair and face, but that's it. I hate shoveling, I hate slush, I hate driving in it, I hate that it soaks my pants, I hate that the salt they put down stains my pants, and I hate having to wake up extra early to unearth my car.
But one of my classes was cancelled today, so that's cool.

I got a job on campus as one of several people giving weekly tours to incoming/potential students. Yay! that's a sweet $12 a week. :p whatever. Every little bit helps. They asked for people to blog once a week as students to promote the school, and I said I could, but that's a joke. I laughed on the inside. Hopefully they won't pick me, but if I was getting paid for it, at least it would be regular. ha!

Brandon and I bought a new laptop. To replace our old one, lappy. It was from 2002, one my mom used for her medical transcription work. She gave it to me when I went to college. It overheats, it takes 7 minutes from pushing power to having any program load to work on. It's slow, heavy and bulky. Brandon never took my complaints seriously until he used it himself. And we decided to get a new one. I'd run off the specs, but I don't think anyone here is a computer geek? Besides that, the only one I remember is 4GB of DDR2. I'm on the school's computer lab; Brandon uses lappy 2.0 in class now. I'm really glad he likes it so much. At first he talked me into getting a desktop, but we don't really have room for another desktop, and I love laptops because then I can work on stuff in bed, where it's warm and cuddly. So he planned out his dream desktop when we reconsidered and decided it'd be better to get a laptop instead. Heh heh heh. It's sad that this laptop is better than his desktop. It took me five to ten minutes to load his songs from itunes to a flashdrive. It took me 10 seconds to load them onto the laptop. No lie.

Anyway, I'm busy as ever, that hasn't changed. Did I mention I'm the Activity Day leader at church now? That means every 2nd and 4th Wednesday night, I get together with the 8 and 9 year old girls and do stuff (arts and crafts, learning songs, manners, skills, religion, etc). I'm excited, but our last meeting was the beginning of December! The last two were canceled, and tonight's is too, from the snow. Sigh.

I'm heading to class now. With any luck I'll be able to cross paths with Brandon. :]

(PS, I changed my mind about the friends/public thing. I don't really care, and it's one more thing I'd have to remember to do.)


Hello New Year

Posted on 04.01.2009 at 18:12
Hey there.
I agreed to restart my journal, in the hopes it would keep me in better touch with friends I've lost contact with since moving halfway across the country. Hi guys! No telling how long this will last. School may whisk me away again and I won't be on for very long stretches at a time, but I miss you all. It's fun having friends!

To try to encourage myself to write in here more often, I'm going to make this a friends-only journal after this. I always left it open because I felt I didn't have anything to hide, but I think making it more private will take off extra pressure to sound eloquent or well-spoken. Yeah, no one besides my friends would probably read this anyway, but it'll make me feel better.

So when I think of 2008 the biggest thing I think of is of course getting married. Brandon is a huge part of my life. And we have the best relationship I could ever hope for. Our circumstances could be a LOT better (more money, having our own apartment, etc), but we are happy with each other, and that's what counts.

When I think of 2009 I can only think of what I hope to accomplish.
-move out of the parents basement (finances pending)
-ace another semester, despite taking more classes
-lose some weight. yeah, I know this is everyone's resolution, but in my defense, I think this is the first year I've made it/been serious about it. It's also pretty vague. I realize I'm giving myself with low expectations to avoid disappointment. That's lame, but it's what I can do.

That's all. In general I'm a much happier, much more stable (emotionally) person.
There's more I could say, but to avoid a giganticized re-intro post, I'll end now, and hope that means I'll update more often. Welcome back!


What did you expect?

Posted on 13.08.2008 at 21:05
Hi there. Been a while.
Sorry. Why is this journal still alive? Shrug. Packrat I guess..

To Review:
I'm married now.
Sex is good.
What are your overheads? Flight of the Conchords.
We make homemade popcorn about 5 or 6 times a week.
We go swimming a lot.
School in two weeks. Student loans. Scary stuff. Taking 18 credits.
No job. No good. Random odd jobs at school.
Reading. Something other than Terry Goodkind! Shocker.
I wish I wrote more. But that's only because I'm reading more. I'm jealous.
I'm in a very long process (very long because I never do it) of editing a Soc professors book. Awkward for me.
I started playing Hellgate London. Fun times.
Slightly fatigued.
Finally finishing the Thank You cards. How late is too late to send them?
No health insurance. Slightly anxious.
I'm officially an Indiana resident now. Got my license. (I will never spell that word correctly). The test made me nervous. My picture is silly.
My blinking cursor has an annoying serif at the top. I don't know if it's a glitch or intentional. I don't like it.

Anyway. Why do I do this? Still write to no one for nothing? Well. Whatever. Hi Again! See you in another few months. Maybe if I had a purpose or goal or whatsits. Rather than just writing a periodic list of what's up. Would that be pretentious of me? Eh. I don't have the motivation/drive to keep up with anything regularly anyway. Same old same old.

Anyway, HI!
(for an update)

I know you all so desperately care, but, my 2 classes between 11.30 and 4.30 were cancelled. There's a lot of things I could be doing instead right now... going to Meijer to finish Election Board duties... writing the paper that was due today for my cancelled class... sleeping... eating... visiting Brandon... typing up minutes for the past three meetings that i've postponed doing... filling out my timecard that's due at noon.

... This list makes me not want to post and actually do some of those things.
Aaah, the first in a long line of steps in responsibility. Thank you self!

In the meantime, I'll try to write again soon.
This was just a brief stopover to say hello. :]

psh, I have to say something worthwhile.

No, really all i should do is make more to-do lists.
No fun.
Sorry. miss you all. Keep reminding me to post and eventually I will. Thanks.


like a river flows, gently to the sea

Posted on 31.01.2008 at 11:07
darling so it goes... somethings are meant to be.

I feel like an update, despite my lack of anything really worthwhile to say.

My moods are still wild crazy and up and down. I don't know what to chalk it up to. So I'm just dealing. 2 of my classes were cancelled today (one at 10.30 and one at 1.30, and I had no classes in between) so I've got quite a bit of free time today. Remind me to use it wisely.

I'm doing Much Ado About Nothing right now. It's a big time commitment and on the one hand it's exciting happy fun etc, but so very different from hs plays. As to be expected. I'll adjust, hopefully. Similarly, Choir, the one thing I could always count on to be a fun time, was horrendous yesterday. It made me feel so inadequate. I always considered myself a strong leader when it comes to choral singing, but yesterday he had us sight reading through pages and pages of rossini. yark! That stuff is hard to begin with, crazy intervals and fugue singing that make it hard to sight read. I mean, It's fine to work in small chunks, where we go over a section a few times and then building on it- but to sight read through 8 pages of a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-amen teaches me nothing. Nothing! All it did was frustrate me and put me in a dreadful mood. So that day I went shopping and bought myself a pair of bright-yellow rubber clogs. For fifty cents. SWEET-HOT! I'm excited. I also bought a nice frying pan($1) and meat. And then ate it. The meat, not the pan. Fun times. I love thrift stores. Hooray! (ps, if you were wondering, no, the meat was not purchased at a thrift store. that was a regular store)

School is a lot, and post-christmas break, it's taken me 2 and a half weeks to feel the effects of not getting good sleep anymore. le sigh. I got a job. On campus. The Election Board. Meetings are at 8. Translating to waking up at 6.30ish. snap. At least I'm getting paid. Not a lot, with not a lot of hours, but as it gets closer to school election day, I'll be working a lot more. Crazy times! woot. At least I have a job, minimal though it is, it makes me feel more worthwhile.

Ok, I'm done. Until the next disorganized, randomly generated post...



Posted on 14.12.2007 at 15:05
so, my computer killed itself.
blue screen of death, killed itself.
i had to reboot the operating system, and now my computer is acting like i've taken it back years from what it was two days ago. irritating and upset. i lost all my music, can't upload microsoft office, and can't configure my wireless connection to the school's network. yeah, that sucks.

I'm hoping the biggest problem is that i lost all the automatic windows upgrades my computer has downloaded to itself for the past 5 years. but i can't access the internet to get to those. :\ anyway.

end irritating rant.

:] I'm still happy.

believe it.

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